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Our work consists in telling a story, we create a short film that arouses the spectator's emotions. We reflect who you are, we unveil the poetry in what you do, aspect that is often left out through conventional media communication. We work hard to produce a personalized trailer that will deeply represent you only very few minutes.

In order to reach our objective, we need to get to know the stories of of the people that work in your company, the personal evolution of the entrepreneur that managed to get the business to where it stands today, the passion that is put into whatever it is that you do/create and the time that is spent in the process. We commit to trace all these sensations onto film, to find/illustrate their soul, the soul that pushes/motivates all our work and leaves our client genuinely satisfied with the result.

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who we are

Artisans live Broadcast

We consider ourselves artisans that film life as it is, putting together words, live images and sounds, to complete THAT something, that is missing to our eyes, the magic and poetry in each and everything. For each product, we do the utmost to put an order to things, frame by frame, to leave track of what has been, what is, and what will be.

Federico Giannini

freelance journalist

Federico Giannini is an Italian freelance journalist, subscribed to the Italian journalist professional association, he has been an employed collaborator at the Italian national journal "Libero", he's worked for the RaiSat spa hotbird platform, in 2010 he followed RAI 5's startup, cultural channel belonging to the Italian public television, at present he works at the editorial unit of the channel and is in charge of the follow up of post production of purchased programs and those in database.

Graduated with honors from the University of Bologna, Italy, in "Disciplines of Figurative Arts, Music, Show business and Film", his graduation thesis about Propagandistic Italian Cinema was published, this complemented with a Master's degree in Marketing and Communication with a focus of specialization in International Public Relations.

Fulvio Greco


He's always looked at the world through a lens. As a child he filmed the hidden microcosmos in his garden with the famous "super 8". This on growing curiosity has pushed him to produce several documentaries and work for cultural television programs. With great passion and unique talent he graduated in cinematography in 1996 and has worked until the date as a film maker in television, publicity and cinema. He can brag of his collaboration in several prestigious TV series, films, documentaries and reportages from some of the greatest productions worldwide, as well as in some TV spots and music videos.

His philosophy consists on creating a top quality product, following cinematographic guidelines when it comes to filming or editing whatever it is he is asked to illustrate, tell or interpret.


We ll work togheter with you to produce a plan for a taylor-made corporate video

A short film made to measure for your business We produce a trailer made to measure for your business, we create your company's very own "personal short film". The term personal has been carefully selected because even if we are talking about a company, the short film that will be created will illustrate its most intimate side, it's most emotional side, managing to touch the viewer, leaving him/her everything but indifferent.

We strive to reach the viewer's soul whilst we are creating, and unless the end product touches OUR soul we do not consider our job done. Yes, we are "a different video co."

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